Gemini2 Control, AO Control And Mac


How well SGP work the Losmandy Gemini2? I my self no nothing about software For AO. The question is for a fellow imager. Will AO work? Will SGP work on a Mac?

Good eve,
Manuel Cravo

SGP wil not natively run on a Mac. You can use Parallels or something similar and it will work.

SGP does not directly guide. But we recommend using PHD2 which does support some AOs.

It will work great with a Losmandy Gemini 2. Many users are using them.

I recommend you grab the trial and give it a shot. You’ll likely have many questions and the best way to get answers is by using the software.

At this point I would recommend getting the 2.3 release as the beta is very new and has little testing.