Get mount connected to SGPro


I tested the SGPro SW and I am really positive to purchase it together with the mosaic sequencer option soon. But I have one question: So far everything worked well except the connection between SGPro and the mount. My equipment is as follows:

As guiding SW I am using PDH2 (here I connect the guider cam via the Pierro USB IF to my mount; works well). Might this be the problem that SGPro cannot connect to the mount?
What ever I tried, the connection between mount and SGPro was never
accomplished. Or might this be a configuration issue in the ASCOM SW?

Do you have any idea what I can do connect SGPro to the mount as otherwise the mosaic option might not make sense, I guess?

Thanks for any


The Pierro seems to be an ASCOM telescope driver that provides guiding corrections only. That will connect PHD2 to the mount for guiding through the hardware guiding connection.
SGP will need to use a separate ASCOM connection to the mount through the RS232 connection to the base of the HC.
You can either use EQMOD to handle all the mount control and use it’s ASCOM driver or use the hand control to control the mount.
At present the only ASCOM driver available for that is the Celestron ASCOM driver, this isn’t formally supported but should work with the EQ6, at least partially. I don’t think it will guide but you have that covered separately.



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Thanks a lot.
I will try the seperate mount connection via a USB–RS232 connection directly to the handbox.