Getting auto focus to work

Hello group.
I am very new to sequence generator, so please forgive me. I have been testing my new set up and an issue I ran into is my auto focus after each filter change.
I ran a quick sequence test with just a few exposures using the Luminous filter And the auto focus fails.
It says it’s lost lol and goes back to the original position.
The scope seems is already in Focus.
The auto focus is a PrimaLuce SENSO. I apologize that I don’t have any logs to post.
I feel it must be a setting That I have incorrect.
Just wondering if anybody can give me some input on what the settings should be for best results.
Thank you ahead of time.

Hello TV,

I would recommend a 5-6 second exposure length for autofocus. You could also check that the focuser is moving between each step by touch.

Clear Skies,


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I will try that. Also just watched a great YouTube video from Simplified Astro on the setting and figuring the step size.

Also, what telescope are you using?

What is your step size?

What is your minimum pixel?

The PLL connects to the fine focus so the steps need to be considerably higher than most other focusers.