Getting Elbrus to work

I have installed Elbrus but it is proving difficult to get it to identify anything. I am using a picture of M1 from SGP. Firstly the solve option is including sync and I am doing this without connection, just to see a plate solve. The option seems to be only a realtime operation. Is that correct?
Pinpoint is an option but it only asks for GSC and this is surely an outdated catalogue? I have used USNO2/ACACx but these are not options. Yes, I do have Pinpoint via Maxim DL. I previously had a license for an earlier version of PP.
FWIW I have not been able to get into all day. I have previously used this successfully but it appears to be down.
FWIW I can normally get plates to solve in Maxim, including this one.


There are a couple ways you can plate solve without sync. For example: right-click an image open in SGP and select Plate Solve. Or, in the Target Settings window there is a Solve button.

If you post a link to the image you are trying to solve, we can try solving it too. That way we can see if the problem is specific to your Elbrus installation or a more general problem.

You can install locally on your PC with this package: ansvr. That way you will isolate yourself from outages and also be able to solve when internet service is unavailable.


I got Elbrus to work but it found no solution even though the header shows the correct RA/dec and I had to enter the arc.sec/pixel. I would be OK installing astrometry locally but my drives are nearly full. I managed to get online and have uploaded to them. I do’t know where I could put the M1 image for anyone to check. My ISP told me off for uploading/downloading well over my webspace limit!!


The GSC catalog is still good when your image is 15 arc-minutes or larger. If smaller, you will want to use Pinpoint with USNO2 (This is supported in beta 14).

If you are referring to Pinpoint Light (the version of Pinpoint that comes with Maxim), this does not function with SGPro (you will need the full version).