Getting help

Hi, I have tried to use the latest ver: 25.1.17 with my fsq106…unfortunately I’ve not been able to ge a good V curve, I’ve tried several times and asked advice from a user already getting good V curves from 25.1.17
I know that it works so I know it’s related to my set up! I doubt it’s a setting issue.
I have returned to a previous ver: that does work for me.

I’m trying to upload the focus logs to ask you for help but I have had difficulty doing that.
Can you tell me the correct way to upload the logs?


We generally recommend uploading the logs to a service like dropbox or similar then posting the link here.


Thank Jared I actually tried that, being a regular user of Dropbox…however, I wanted to upload several logs to give you the option of looking at the v curves I have both succeeded with and failed with.
I found that there were several logs in each folder so uploading several logs was a pain.

I’ll look again