GNS update

I have just tried a new version of the PC part of the GNS notification software, which shows up to 80 characters - The following is a clip from AAG’s (Jaime) email. I tested it with SGP over the weekend and it appears to work fine. He is working on the App now.

I have compiled a new version of the program to allow for 80 char messages (same limit as the rest of the system). I have tested it, but not with SGPro yet, I have to go to the observatory for that.

If you want to try, just, with SGPro and GNS closed:

a) make a copy of your gnsui.exe and gns.dll from your SGPro installation folder
b) download this:
c) extract and copy the 2 files (same ones as you just made the copy) to the SGPro folder.

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