Good, free blind plate solver suggestion

I’m a brand new SGP user, haven’t even done a session with it yet. I’m just reading the manual and getting ready to try it tonight. I see that blind plate solving is only available through with an internet connection, which is surprising to me.

I’ve been spoiled by using APT for about a year. I need SGP for its automation features, but APT has a really nice blind plate solver called All Sky Plate Solver found at All Sky Plate Solver . It is installed locally and doesn’t require an internet connection. I’ve used this with no input except my approximate focal length and sensor size with three different focal lengths from 1010 to 1620 mm and it never fails to plate solve, usually within 30 s. This is way easier than having to seed a solver with approximate coordinates.

If SGP really doesn’t have a non-internet blind plate solver solution, I would sure like to see something like this.

Check this out. Many people use ANSVR for blind solving:

Thanks, Joel. The manual isn’t clear that ansvr can be used for blind solving, but it looks like it might work. I’ll give it a shot.

I just got ansvr installed and checked it with blind plate solving a few images I had. It nailed every one, in about 1/3 the time of All Sky Plate Solver! So I hereby withdraw my ignorant suggestion here. Thanks again, Joel!

FYI. ansvr actually uses a local version of