'Good morning! For some reason when I attempted to start SG Pro this morning it would not start. The first spinning circle appears, then nothing. I re-installed version 3 and still no joy. I have never had difficulty using it before. Any thoughts?

Good afternoon, I am looking to upgrade my old computer , at the moment its running a hdd, 4gb of ram and 32 bit os, I want to change it to ssd, 8gb and 64bit os. The laptop is already registered along with another computer, the question is do I have to use the last key on my license to re-register the machine again after the upgrades or is there some other way around it.

You shouldn’t have to re-register the machine if you are just upgrading the HDD and RAM, but if you completely start over with a new “clean” install of the OS then you will need to re-install SGP and all your other programs etc. At that point you will need to re-register the computer, but if you have created an account on mainsequencesoftware.com and login you can delete old license “seats” to free them up. In your case you could make your computer changes and register SGP (using your 3rd license seat) then login and delete the old license seat.

Thank you Joel, so am i reading this right, i register the upgraded machine with the 3 seat when i have done that delete the original seat and that will give me 1 seat free again, sorry for being a bit thick but its been a tough day.

Yes, when you log in to your account you will see a trash can next to your licensed computers. Just delete the old one.