Good Night System no messages

I’m using the 2.4 beta and in monitoring system configuration, i’ve enabled all notifictions to be send to the GNS. No messages are recieved by the GNS, not even the heartbeat (note the typo in the screenshot).

Is a sequence running?
Did you start the GNS Windows client yourself?

No sequence is running. Does it have to?
Yes, the GNS is running before starting SGP. I’ve used to option in the GNS client to automatically start with user session.

Tried to run a sequence with all notifications for GNS enabled. Following error occurred immediately:

sg_logfile_20141218092606.txt (52.7 KB)

Tried to run a sequence with all notifications for GNS enabled but with GNS NOT started. SGP will start GNS and sending notifications to it. It seems that SGP cannot handle with GNS already been running.

Although I still not receive any heartbeat signal?

A couple things:

  1. GNS CANNOT be running when you start SGPro. SGPro needs to start it so it knows which instance to communicate with. Please close your server.
  2. Messages are only sent when a sequence is running. There is not other reason to send them.
  1. Understood.

  2. Then when is it sending the heartbeat?

I’m not sure. I need to remove that option from SGPro since that is controlled by the windows client. Better question for Lunatico.

Very nice feature! It would be good to document what was said in this thread in the help file. Also, there is an inconsistency in the way this works. When you start SGP you can’t connect to Good Night, however, once you start a sequence you can. Then you stay connected even after you stop the sequence. So after the first sequence you are connected even without a sequence running. It would be more consistent to connect when SGP starts without waiting for a sequence to start. Also, as tcpip suggests, it would be appropriate to send heartbeats whenever SGP is up regardless of whether a sequence is running.

Again, SGPro does not control heartbeat for GNS. Not sure exactly how it works, but Lunatico would know for sure.

So it’s the heartbeat between the GNS windows client and the mobile app. I was thinking it’s was the heartbeat from SGP to GNS because it was an option to be configured in SGP. Yes, removing the option in SGP would be good.

My GNS is working in a sequence with simulators for cameras etc. (Cloudy right now).

One thing to watch out for - if you start up the AAG cloudwatcher, Mine triggers GNS to start up automatically (that might be an option, I will have to check) - so with SGP, I’m guessing you have to fire up SGP before you fire up AAG cloudwatcher.

I have asked Jaime if he is likely to make the AAG cloudwatcher compatible with the ASCOM interface used for Boltwood. That might make things interesting.

Buzz, how’s your AAG cloudwatcher triggering GNS? As far as I know AAG cloudwatcher has no build-in communication to GNS. It has to be done by scripts. A bit off topic I know…

ASCOM <-> AAG cloudwatcher would be great!!!

tcpip - I’ve been digging into this a bit lately: the client(s) (phones) can poll the GNS server at an interval specified in the app – I believe the default is 3 seconds and it’s configured by the client (phone) app.

I’m guessing the heartbeat setting doesn’t really apply in SGP in this case while the sequence is running. An “idle” message could be used to start GNS prior to the sequence starting (sending a timeout of -1) to get GNS up and running, but not sure that’s necessary except to check communication.

tcpip - of course, I remember now, it is precisely as you say. It executes a script for clear and dry and for wet and windy!

just trying to send an email test and nothing. I get this in the log …

[4/25/2015 3:22:41 PM] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] UI layout found, loading layout at C:\Users\dennis\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\sg_ui_config.xml
[4/25/2015 3:22:41 PM] [DEBUG] [Cleaner Thread] Cleaning finished…
[4/25/2015 3:23:46 PM] [DEBUG] [Email Test Thread] Error sending test email: This property cannot be set to an empty string.
Parameter name: value

Just using simulators for this sequence. Any suggestions …Thanks.



I just got a note from GNS author Jaime. He has added more lines to the display, so you can read what is going on. I will test it with SGP.

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Great news - thanks for the update Chris.