Good Night System not alerting on guiding failure


Im using the Good Night System to alert me when it clouds over. This used to work fine but now it does not alert me - I can see a message saying guiding has failed etc but no alert. Ive been in touch with the developer who thinks this is an SGPro issue since its just sending a session ended message not an error.

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for what I see and we’ve talked it seems to me the problem here is SGP is entering recovery mode, and thus not alerting via GNS - and you do not want that recovery mode but to abort the session and get an alarm.

I’d double check the configuration - and make sure recovery mode is not being activated.

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Yeah - I have checked and recovery mode is not set in the sequence options, all those boxes are unchecked, it seems SGPro still thinks it should go into recovery mode even though its not being asked to and thats why its not triggering an alarm

Is there a way to flag this as a bug?

Still no official reply - can any of the devs confirm if this is a bug or not? If so will it be fixed in V4?

Can you attach the SGP log and we can take a look. It’s hard to tell from those screenshots of it was because guiding was lost or something else:


OK, was a wee while ago so dont have the log. Guiding was lost though, it clouded, PHD lost the guide star and SGPro just ran the end of sequence process. Next time will make sure I post the log (Can you remind me where it is?)

I’ll try and duplicate as well. Easiest way to get to the logs is from the help menu in SGP.