Got this corrupted image

I got this corrupted image while taking darks. I got them every now and then. What could be the problem?

Yes, this looks as if the offset that specifies the start of the image data in the FITS file is wrong. Can you upload the FITS file and post a shareable link?

Which camera (presumably with a Sony IMX294 sensor) and which camera driver are you using?


You can download the fits here:
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The camera is a QHY294MM.


This frame looks indeed very strange. The FITS header says image dimensions are 8336 * 5622 px. Which dimensions have frames that look OK?

QHY specifies for this camera 8340 * 5644 px in unlock 47mega pixel mode.

Does the camera driver support different USB speeds (perhaps called USB limit or USB traffic)? Did you try to change the value?


The dimensions are ok, they’ve always been those. You may be taking the overscan area into account.

The USB speed is set to zero, I don’t know if an increase in this parameter would affect possitively, I’ll look into it and let you all know.


Looks like Amp Glow. That used to be a big problem with all the earlier ZWO cameras. I’m not sure about QHY

We were not talking about the ampglow that without doubt is present in this feame as well. We were talking about the step joint in that image.


Oh okay. Sorry about that!