GUI integration of SkyGuard (Full Frame Guiding & Focusing) on SGP

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I was speaking back in March with Gaston at Innovation Foresights about their new Software that will allow us to perform Full Frame Guiding and Focusing which is an AWESOME concept. The Software has finally been release at NEAIC 2018.

I have and ONAG and would love to see Gaston’s SKSS suite (SkyGuide, SkyGuard, SykSurveyor) be integrated with SGP :slight_smile:

Innovations Foresight Web site’s seems to say that you will have soon a new interface to support this. This is exciting! :slight_smile: :sunny:

…soon SKSS will be fully compatible with any compliant ASCOM hardware and therefore will work with most imaging software. A GUI integration of SKSS on SGP will eventually be offered too .

If this is correct when are you planning to release this integration? Is this feature part of your product backlog priorities for this year?

This is really another innovative and exciting feature! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

André :slight_smile: :sunny:

This is exciting. I’m waiting on this integration too before acquiring the ONAG.

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I posted a topic on cloudy nights about full frame guiding back in January and Gaston has been keeping it updated. Check it out here Full field guiding… Does it exist?

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Thanks. I think they will have a standalone ASCOM SkyGuard version in October as per Gaston. It’s a bit far but hope they can release it sooner. I Personnaly care more about SkyGuard (Full Frame Guiding and Focusing) than the full suite SKSS. @Jared do you have any plans to implement or integrate this with SGP.?

Being capable of achieving Full Frame Guiding and Focusing in SGP with SkyGuard would be simply awesome! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m very intrested in this, too. So please keep us up to date if there is any chance of SKSS (or at least SkyGuard) beeing integrated into SGP!

I’m not sure what is meant by ASCOM integration because I don’t think there is an ASCOM Guider specification. Or are they writing one?

Now there are multiple guiding solutions coming along it would make sense it there was a standard interface between control applications such as SGP and the Guiding system such as PHD2 or this new guiding system. It doesn’t have the be ASCOM, but I think it needs to exist.

It would be worth the various manufacturers collaborating on this so that a standard applicable to all emerges. A standard written by a single manufacturer has the risk of being so manufacturer specific that no one else can use it.

Hi guys :slight_smile: Any forecasted date on this one. Gaston at I.F. is telling me that they should have a full ASCOM version of SKSS (which does not required Maxim DL anymore) by the end of the month. Are you still working on integrating SKSS on SGP ?

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I don’t have a date for you. But we’ve started discussing this with Gaston and hope to start working with it soon.


Ok thanks Jared. Looking forward to see this available in SGP soon :slight_smile:

I may have to dig out my ONAG from the “Astronomy gear grave yard” if this works well. I found the reflections of bright stars bothered me, so I only used it on my c9.25 at f10. I use a standard OAG on my SX FW when using my 3" or 5" refractors.

If you are interested I would like to investigate with you the bright star reflections you have experienced with your ONAG.
This should not happen, at least not without a IR blocking filter in front of the imaging camera, or if LRGB filters are blocking NIR.
I am always concern when a customer may have an issue or a concern, I’ll be more than happy to work with you on this.

Feel free to contact me at

Best, Dr. Gaston Baudat

I’m trying to set up an imaging train using an ONAG with ASI1600MM for guiding/focusing and an SBIG STL-6303E for imaging.

Will a SkyGuard/SGP integration support using a non-ASCOM camera such as an SBIG STL-6303 for imaging?

Jim Seargeant

It seems like it should. But I’m not extremely deep into the integration at this point to know that for sure.


Just like to add my encouragement that Innovation Foresight’s full-frame guiding be integrated into SGP too. Been using an ONAG for 3 or 4 years now and love the thing. I’d love to try full-frame guiding and Focus-Lock both when they become “SGP-friendly.”

I’m also very interested in using an ONAG for full screen guiding and Focus with SGP!


Adding another vote to this.

It’s actively being worked on. No need to vote for it.


Thanks, Jared. :smiley:

Any update on this?

Another SGP&ONAG user…

I’m anxiously awaiting the new beta! I have a few dark site trips coming up & I’d really love to get SGP & SkyGuard working together.