Guider Error when taking Flat Frame

Continuing the discussion from Guider Error for Flat Frame:

Ken, while unchecking the targets with lights steers clear of this, I’d like to have SGP take flats at dusk when the guider cannot yet sync to a star, and then shoot lights an hour or so later. As it stands, I cannot automate the collection of flats while I’m away from the scope because SGP complains that it cannot start the guider (at dusk). Any suggestions?

Nothing right now. You are free to find the existing request to automate sky flats and lend your support to this (this is how we prioritize requests). This has, to date, not been prioritized because of the simplicity and low cost of building a flats box.

I understand what you’re saying, but I utilize a Hyperstar system which complicates utilizing a flat box.

I credit SGP with saving my marriage already (I know you know what I mean), and if the SGP would simply not throw the error if the current target contains no lights (rather than the whole sequence), then I could kick off the sequence before sunset and treat my lady to a cocktail at the local restaurant, further improving relations. :slight_smile: