Guiding is not pausing during autofocus (using OAG)

Currently using SGP ver., PHD2 version 2.6.9

In my autoguide section of equipment profile, I have ‘pause guiding during focus’ checked off, however the guiding does not stop when the autofocus routine runs (whether as part of the sequence, or when forced). This causes serious issues and sometimes the sequence to fail as I am using an OAG.

I’ve searched the issue on the forums here, and evidently it was addressed at some point, but I’ve followed the suggesting in that thread and the issue persists.

Attaching my log file from tonight:

The issue occurs throughout, and usually requires that i cancel autofocus, or the sequence crashes (sometimes it retains the star, but unlikely.) See timestamps around 22:03…Temperature triggers autofocus, autofocus runs, phd reports it is not in a paused state. Im not sure this is the particular instance where the issue occured, but it’s happened numerous times throughout the night, and a keener eye might be able to spot exactly where.

I realize the issue has been addressed in the past, but as far as I can tell, I have the settings correct per those suggestions (wait for guider to settle vs pause) and i believe that issue has been addressed as you can only have one checked at a time, however in this case, I have ‘pause during focus’ checked off, and that message isnt received by PHD.