Hardware selections don't stick? (some)

Normally once we select a camera or filter wheel or mount the selected item STICKS and next time we run SGP we can do a “connect all equipment”.

I do connect all - and some things stick, but some do not?

Nexdome driver use to stick, but there is a new one that I have to select each time?
I also have the AAGCQ safety montior (cloud watcher) and it also requires that I select
it manually each time. anyone know why they don’t stuck?

They only “stick” if they’re part of your default profile (the profile which is loaded when SGP starts). Sounds like you may have inadvertently updated your default profile with different items?


Jared, would it be possible to have an option to have SGP on startup reopen the last used sequence?
I think this would help a little with the confusion like Ron here is having.

Ole Alexander

ah good to know, yes I updated things and didn’t do it in equipment
profile. thanks

I imaged for the first time last night in months and lost "slave"
connection about 4 times throughout the night.
To regain it - I just hit the < or > rot button. It would then track
again. This means I can’t leave it unattended. I’d appreciate you guys
looking into it.

As mentioned in your other thread, we’ll need logs.


solved this in the nexdome updated drivers.