Heart of the heart

Hi everyone - this is my first image entirely captured with SGP. the automation is working out nicely for me.

thanks for a great product and all the updates!




Very nice Rob.

How does SGP compare to what you use at SRO? Is SGP good enough for remote operation? I think NM Skies require to use CCDWare and posssibly Maxim DL software for remote operation. Does SRO have the same automation software restriction?

I have used SGP successfully in my last 8 consecutive runs in my backyard. So easy to use.


thanks peter. SRO does not put any restrictions on software, but they provide a boltwood data file giving the weather status. they also provide a custom roof status file. bob denny wrote a special ACP weather script for SRO that understands both files and fires the safety script if the roof closes or if the weather becomes unsafe. we’ve also used CCDAP out there but IIRC it did not know about the roof file. i think it was able to parse the boltwood file. not sure if SGP can do that since at home i don’t have a dome or a roll-off roof, just a tarp :smile:

at SRO (in the shared spaces anyway) they would prefer you not to use a flat panel. some people have those flip-flats though. so i think the main thing holding SGP back in this situation is the inability to take sky flats.