Help—can’t get sequences to run

I’m new to SGP running the trial version. I’ve successfully set up my mount (G11/Gemini2), Cameras (ASI 1600 & 120), and focuser (FocuserBoss II/ Focus Lynx).

Focuser focuses, guider appears to guide and I can pan and frame BUT when a set up a sequence it doesn’t execute. That is, the timer begins to count up but no subs are ever taken.

In an attempt to troubleshoot I’ve disconnected everything but the cameras. Then, after hitting run I almostimmediately get a “sequence complete” message but no subs.

I would post logs but I don’t know where to find them.

I’ve disabled cooling so that it did not delay execution of the sequence.

I suspect it’s something simple but I cannot figure out what.

Please help.
Regards, George


a maybe a stupid question: did you check the ‘Run’ box? The PDF manual on p. 89:

Run: If this box is checked, the sequencer will run the event, otherwise it will be ignored (the sequence
will be considered complete without running it).



Unfortunately that’s not it. In fact, I have even unchecked all but the first event in the hopes that it might then run—-without success.

Regards, George

Have you got a pause command on the first event settings? I have seen similar behavior when I was doing a sequence of flats and wanted to prompt myself to put a ND filter over the telescope. Can you share some screen grabs of the sequence window and the target settings window?
The log files are tucked away. I think under the help menu, there are two options, show current log and open log folder. They are in the normally hidden appdata folder I think.