Help! Files

Just a quick note…

SGPro actually does have a documentation system (help file). One comes with every copy of SGPro and we also have it online in our support section. We realize that the help file reads more like a reference (most help files do) and is not a viable substitute for places like our forum. We cannot write help scenarios for every possible condition our users may have. The help file cannot cover everything, but it can cover a lot.

So… why am I taking time to write this?

  1. To let you know it exists
  2. To let you know we put effort into keeping it up to date
  3. To let you know it does have a couple guides in there to get you started with the basics
  4. To let you know you are free to file issues against it (just like you would against the software itself). You can bring up areas in which you had difficulty and the help file completely failed you, bad grammar (so long as it is bad enough that it misconstrues the point… no grammar police please), outdated sections, etc.