Help to Debug SafetyMonitor

Hi All,

I’m using an arduino as a rain sensor as Phase 1 of building a weather station type device. I’ve written a Ascom SafetyMonitor driver, but need some assistance debugging / problem solving.

My driver seems to run fine, when i connect to my device with the driver it appears to connect fine and gives the correct status of bineg safe after about 10 secs. If i then wet the rain sensor, it also appears to work fine, in that it triggers the SafetyMonitor as being “Unsafe” and i see the little red light in the bottom right hand corner.

The problem is that when it triggers the “Unsafe” condition, SGP just sits there and does nothing, i.e. it doesn’t trigger the end of sequence 30s timer.

Do i need to set something in SGP to make it start the end of sequence timer ?


Pleaseignore post, issue appeared to be due to the Safety monitor polling the hardware faster than i had told it to respond as i had delay introduced by averaging out the result in an array before passing the result to the com port.