Help with SBIG errors please

Hello, I have been getting the occasional SBIG error but just restarting everything and usually ok for rest of night. Tonight have had 3 instances.

SGP Error boxes pop up and say:

SBIG error while ending exposure TX_Timeout
SBIG Guider error while ending expsoure TX_Timeout

Also get this error from PHD2 but I think this only happens because of the SGP error.
PHD2.exe has stopped working

Sometimes the SGP errors happens during the exposure, sometimes right at the end of the exposure as it is downloading and tonight I saw it happen during an automatic focus run as well.

Can’t see how I can attach the log files to this post if that helps.


I have an SBIG STF and have seen this too. Here’s what I would suggest
doing, in order:

  1. Head over to the SBIG yahoo group and look for updated drivers and
    firmware. A few weeks ago there was an update that I think helped with
    these timeout errors. I have driver 4.81 build 1 and the latest
    firmware. I haven’t seen this issue since updating.
  2. Are you using a USB hub, or does this happen when the camera is
    directly connected to the computer? In my experience a good quality
    powered USB hub is essential with SBIG cameras.
  3. Run the SBIG driver checker to update the driver and firmware (but
    again, see #1 above first).


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Thanks Joel for the heads up about updating the drivers for my STF. I found I was not on 4.81 and updated to it just now.


I recently downgraded to the firmware from their website and the amount is more than ever. Try replacing your usb Cable too.

Of note, I can take 3 minute exposures all night. It only happens when I go above that. Do you guys notice that too?

Chris, I have usually seen this error when taking shorter exposures for autofocus or plate solving. It is extremely rare for me to see it with long exposures. And like I said I have not seen this problem with the latest driver and firmware.

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Thanks, I have updated to the latest driver and will give it a go tonight.

Just as another data point, I have not seen this with the STT-8300 so it must be STF specific.