Help with SGP log file

Last night I created a new sequence from profile & begin imaging. After 3x 30 minutes image aquisitions something went wrong. The sequence should have continued until just before dawn at approx 03:15. So all being well I could have expected to see 5 or 6 images downloaded & everything parked & disconnected as usual. When I got up this morning at about 6am my shutter was still open, mount still tracking, flip-flat open etc. The plate solving\Centering is open & active but has not completed. I had to manually close the plate solve & centering window. I then manually aborted the sequence, parked, closed & disconnect my gear manually.

Sorry in hindsight I should have taken a couple of screen shots.

I’m just trying to understand from the log what the problem was. The entire log can be found here on my OneDrive.

The point at which something went wrong appears to be with the log entry
[05/12/22 00:11:53.458][DEBUG][Sequence Thread][SQ;] Waiting for mount to stop moving…
which repeats multiple times until
[05/12/22 01:30:53.078][DEBUG][PHD2 Listener Thread][SQ;] Error: Guide star reported as lost!
Recovery then seems to take place but is followed by
[05/12/22 01:32:06.116][DEBUG][Telescope Thread][SQ;CE;] Telescope: Observatory is reporting slewing

This continues until [05/12/22 03:30:11.210]. During this period there are some unsafe conditions reported & then clearing. From my safety monitor event log I can see that these are all true & the times are correct. However the scope did not park & neither did the observatory park or the shutter close. I know this from my observatory event log. I also know from my comm port monitor that SGP did not send any command to park\close my dome as it usually would for an unsafe condition.

Following this there are repeated camera related events\errors until I manually abort the swquence at 06:17 this morning.

Any help in understanding the above would be appreciated.