Help with SGPro

Help I am new to SGP

Celestron C8 with 6.3 focal reducer
Sbig ST 200xm with CFw 8 filterwheel image scale 1.19 Astromenery tolls
Losmandy G 11 mount with gemini 2 controler
My focuser pro ascom focuser
Plate Solve 2
Windows 10 laptop

Problem 1 systems crash on plates solve nothing works after solve failure.
problem 2 auto focuser runs every frame
Focuser set to focuse on start up and filter change.

Frustrated user

We need a lot more information. Please see this post on how to ask for help.

Attached is log filesg_logfile_20181007200344.txt (571.4 KB)

Hi sent wrong log file. please review to see if you can find my problem Platesolve 2 sg_logfile_20181007180019.txt (212.7 KB)

Frame and mosaic if I don’t rotate the image will that cause Plate Solve 2 not to solve and send error message.


I’m not totally sure what you are asking. A successful plate solve will tell you the angle of rotation. PS2 needs pretty accurate hints (image scale, angle, coordinates). Under normal circumstances if PS2 fails it will just give you an error message.

But what you were talking about earlier is that SGP crashes when you try to plate solve. That’s definitely not normal and is not an indication of a failed solve but something else.

For the record, as “moderator” of the forum I do just that…moderate. I am not a technical expert. One of the developers, or someone else with more knowledge than I, will respond.

Thank You I didn’t realize that you are not technical expert.

Sorry for any disrespect.

I do get error message when Plate solve fails then sgp stops working.

Is plate solve 2 looking at my framing image to solve or is just looking at sky?


No worries.

What do you mean by “framing image”? Are you trying to use Solve and Sync, or are you just trying to plate solve an image?

Solve and sync takes an image of the sky, plate solves that image, then syncs your mount to the solve sky coordinates.

If by “framing image” you mean the reference image that is produced when you use the Framing and Mosaic Wizard, then no PS2 is not solving that reference image. The reference image is where the plate solving is trying to get TO. So if you take an image and plate solve it, SGP will compare that solve with where the mount is supposed to be according to the reference image coordinates. Or more accurately, SGP compares the solved image with the coordinates that are listed in the target settings, which were populated by the Framing and Mosaic Wizard.

This is what “Center” means in the target settings. SGP will attempt to center your scope/mount on the coordinates that are listed in the target settings. But you obviously aren’t getting that far in the process as PS2 fails.

Frame and mosaic wizard to create a sequence select an object then draw a box around image. Then generate sequence. Since I don’t have a rotater on my telescope. Do I have to rotate the image in frame and mosaic for Plate Solve 2 to work?

I have Plate Solve set to try 5 time and center to 50 pixels.

The error message reads plate solve failed image scale greater than 25% off


You don’t have to rotate the image in the Framing and Mosaic wizard. All the wizard really does is identify the coordinates that get put in the target settings. The reference image is just to visually represent what you see at those coordinates.

The error message you are seeing would indicate that your image scale is off. Have you set up the camera specifications properly in the Control Panle/Camera tab? PS2 needs a fairly accurate image scale to work. If you have not set up the camera specs properly the Framing and Mosaic wizard will also not be set up correctly.

Ok I understand that I don,t have to rotate image in Frame and Mosaic.

Camera setting st 2000 xm are set image scale from are set to 1.19
pixel are set 1600 pixel wide 1200 pixel height from SBIG manual.
Camera noise is set 15 electron

Frame and mosaic wizard work fine
I uncheck the rotator check box

I believe the setting for camera tab are correct.

I’d recommend using the blind fail over initially as well. It will help to correct any angle or scale issues that you may have during setting up the new solver. Unfortunately I don’t see anything in your logs that gives a good indication of why the solve would have failed.

If you can post one of the FITs that is failing we can check to make sure it contains all of the needed information. Also you can try the FIT below which should have everything needed to solve to make sure your system is setup correctly.


I download image, import SGP. I cannot figure out how to plate solve image.

Second is camera angle need for Plate Solve 2 to work

I went and uploaded my reads orientation ( up is 92.5 degrees E of N) is this my camera angle?