Helpful HFR value pops up without having autofocus

Hello! This is the first time I discovered that a HFR value popped up during focusing session. I don’t have an autofocuser but observed that focus values and perfect focus at 1.91 (which probably depends on cam and telescope). Is this a new feature? Anyone knows how how this can happen and what it means when one doesn’t have an autofocuser? Thanks & CS, Isa

Hello @isasastroatelier No, this is not a new feature… it’s been available for many years. The reason you’re seeing it now is because you have likely just enabled image history. Star search and HFR can sometimes be computationally expensive so SGPro does not attempt to calculate these metrics under normal circumstances. So, when you enable Image History and start using frame and focus, we already have the metrics so we just display them. I have been meaning to, for quite some time, add an option directly to frame and focus to do this so it doesn’t feel so “secret” anymore.

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Thanks a lot, Ken! I have indeed enabled image history a few days ago and can now clearly see when I’m reaching critical focus based on the HFR numbers. This is very helpful for me since I started not long time ago taking pictures through my QSI and not the DLSR anymore. Thanks again & CS! Best, Isa

One last: seems like HFR 1.22 is my value. Thanks again!