HEQ5 Pro Connection Issues

I have recently started having issues connecting my mount (HEQ5 Pro) through SGP. The ASCOM window opens and displays ‘Port Connection Error’. To close the Window I have to end the process through Task Manager and sometimes SGP will not respond either.

However, if I revert back to using StellariumScope, I have no issues connecting to the mount nor via any other programme such as APT. I have checked the port settings between the two and they appear identical. I connect to the mount via Bluetooth. I have changed no hardware or software since the last time I successfully connected though I have upgraded SGP to the latest version with no effect on the problem.

Interestingly, the ASCOM windows which open seem slightly different; the sidereal tracking buttons are not the same even though the ASCOM version is the same. Also, when SGP opens ASCOM, it tells me that the scope is not parked, as well as the port error described above.

Any advice is gratefully received.



Hi David,

If you can reproduce the issue and send us logs we can likely find the specific error (no guarantee that it will solve the problem, but it will be a good hint). Instructions on logs and sharing are here: