HFR and atmospheric seeing

Hi there.

Many observatories routinely take note of the seeing coinditions when a particular observation took place. They usually do this by stating seeing in arc seconds. Assuming that focussing has been achieved to show the tightest stras possible, the next factor that takes place is the stability of the atmosphere. If I’m not mistaken this could be done through the HFR value from SGP grader by applying the following:

FWMH (Seeing) = HFR X 2 X pixel scale in arc seconds.

Considering that SGP grader produce the HFR , this could be easily modified to show atmospheric conditions for the night through FWHM in arc seconds ( + the factor of correct focussing).

Is the reason behind this feature correct? And if so, would this feature qualify to be in the list of future upgrades?

MPC171 Flarestar Observatory