Horizon constraints and sequence failure

the other night i accidentally set the start time for the second target in my sequence a couple of minutes early. when sgp finished target #1, it then stopped the sequence due to the horizon constraint.

before you added this feature, the sequence would have been able to continue - i was probably pointing at the sky given the small error. and even if the telescope were pointing at the side of the house, recovery mode would have probably fiddled around long enough that eventually the target would have risen.

i know you support moving to the next target on this type of failure, but it would not necessarily make sense in this situation.

is it possible to add logic to simply wait until both the start time and the horizon constraint are valid before trying to start a target? if i had not been watching the run i would have lost the whole night.



I was thinking about this idea and also to add one other constraint that we can link to the sequence or the target : the position below horizon of the sun. This can replace the starting time of the sequence and even the ending time. In this case you can think about a full automation of the sequence : if the sequence is not finished at the end of the night due to the sun raise and you do not stop SGP, it will continue the following night when the sun will be again below the horizon … we can dream!

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