How do I convert a OSC image to colour?

I am looking at the facilities for image processing but I cannot find any reference to actually converting the image to colour (from my OSC camera).

SGP is not an image processing software.

If you want to save money, try Nebulosity. If you want a full blown pre and post processing software, try PixInsight. Both are available for free trial.


Hi Lawrence,
If I understand you correctly, you should be looking at software that does processing. Sequence Generator Pro is for a broad range of image capturing, but no processing.
There are lots of fine image processing softwares available (Pixinsight, Nebulosity, Images Plus, Photoshop, Iris). Iris is free, while the rest will cost you. But some will allow a specific period for free trial.
Hope this helps,


Thank you both for your quick replies. I am happy with what is included; I just need to absorb a lot of info to get the full picture (literally).

In PixInsight there is Debayer process.
I discover that for my Canon CFA FITS frames the best Bayer/mosaic pattern is GRBG!
Good luck!