How to center target on resume?

Hello, I often use sequences for more than one night. The first time autocenter of the target usually works fine and mount parking happens correctly.
For the following nights if I dont center the target before resuming the sequence, the mount does not move from the parking position.
Is there a setting to get automatic centering when resuming sequence ?

Make sure this box is ticked…

It is. but it only centers for the first time sequence starts.

There is a half-automatic way: before resuming the sequence, go to the menu option “Sequence” and select “Reset Sequence (preserve progress)”. I almost wallways do this when resuming a sequence.

Thanks, this way works. Just need to think about it when starting the sequence the following days

Hi you can also load a previous image. Right clic on it, plate solve and when it’s done in the plate solve windows, check the box « Use this image as reference for target ». Then start your sequence and you will have your target centered as the previous one.

Sorry about that but i had a wrong answer to your question…
But did you try to right clic on the target name and then clic on Center on target?

Thank you Jean Marc, but your way is not more automatic than what is proposed by Horia. It just seems to me ridiculous that when resuming sequence the mount keeps its parking position

matbui33, what do you mean by “resume the sequence” on the next night? It sounds like you are pausing the sequence at the end of a session, and then resuming the sequence on the next night. Is that correct?

If so, what you should be doing IMHO is stopping the sequence at the end of a session by using the “run end of sequence options” (automatically as part of the sequence, or running it manually), and then shutting down SGP. On the next night simply launch SGP and run the same sequence again. It will slew and centre as usual every time you run the sequence if you have that option set, and it will continue the sequence from the point where it finished the previous night.

I use the planning tool to start and end my night sequence. If events are not fully achieved, the next night I resume the sequence and I don’t have the auto-centering action from SGP. If I reset sequence and preserve progress, it works. If I start the sequence without that, the mount does not slew and center and I shoot polaris.