How to change image dimensions

This may be a dumb question but here goes. I am taking a library of darks to store for a new camera. When I take darks binned at 2 x 2 the images are smaller than my 1 x 1 shots. The strange thing about this is I have 2 of these new cameras on two separate scopes. I am using the same version of SGP on both but this only happens on one of them. I must have something set incorrectly.

Sounds like binning may not be working on the other scope or the darks may not be getting binned correctly. I would certainly expect the dimensions on a binned image to be smaller than a non-binned (1x1).


Thanks Jared,
Pardon my ignorance, I had been using a Canon DSLR for years but now I am using monochrome CCD cameras and I’m not sure how the smaller binned images will integrate with the larger un-binned images. Maybe this is a question for the Pixinsight forum.
Just to be clear is there anything I need to set in SGP to compensate for the size difference?

SGP is aware of the binning and handles it…not really much to do in SGP to account for it.

As for integration, this is also a pretty normal thing to do. Most folks will shoot Lum at 1x1 and RGB filters at 2x2 or 3x3. I’m assuming you’re using a Monochrome camera. If you’re using a color camera you should not bin.