How to connect automatically my equipement

I’m trying to see how it is possible (and if it is possible ? ) to have a full session starting with SGP at a chosen start time. As I’ve seen, all equipments like gear, camera, … can be connected only manually before running the images sequencing.
The needs would be :

  • When SGP is launch (after put the computer on), the start time is kept as programmed before.
  • Be able to launch at a programmed time some scripts to powered on the different devices
  • Be able to connect the device
  • Launch the sequence (as it is already possible today) including at the end to shut down the system by scripts
    Thank you for your help
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SGP will automatically connect to all of your equipment when “Run Sequence” is clicked. From there you can have a delayed start time that will basically keep the sequence in a “waiting” state until your target start time.

If you are powering down devices that can get a little tricky. Probably depends on how they’re connected (ie are they ASCOM switches?) as to how much control SGP would have over them vs having to do a script.


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I’m also struggling to work out how to start an observing run automatically.

Ideally I would want to set a start time in SGPro, when the start time is reached I would have SGPro run an external programme to power on my equipment, then have SGPro start “Run Sequence” to have SGPro connect to all the equipment and start working through the events.

I’m using a “dummy” event at the start where I run a “pre-event” script to power on my equipment … but that’s already too late. As soon as I click “Run Sequence” and before the “Pre-event” options run, SGPro connects to PHD2 and tries to calibrate the auto-guider. For the auto-guider to calibrate it needs to be dark, I need to have powered everything on, opened the dome, have the scope pointing out of the dome slot so it can see some stars.

I also seem to have to manually connect to the focuser, scope and observatory - when I “Run Sequence” it only automatically connects to the camera and filter wheel?

[ SGPro 32-bit]

Delayed/future-start-time for me is a little easier because I leave my equipment powered on all the time (in obsy).

I’ve had some success in getting a sequence to begin automatically/autonomously (ie. while I’m at hockey or otherwise occupied). Best success is when I ‘connect’ all equipment manually first (in SGP and PHD2) before “run sequence” - which then goes into waiting state for clock to hit predefined time.

Have recently tried without manually connecting equipment first, and letting SGP handle it at programmed start time. But usually run into trouble because PHD2 will not automatically connect to equipment (guide cam and mount) for some reason. I’ve heard others have had similar issues (but not everybody). Have tried manually connecting PHD2 equipment and then let SGP auto connect on timed start, but usually run into problems when PHD connects to my mount (TSX) before SGP does.

Most recently, when I tried running a sequence and letting SGP handle equip connection, the sequence kicked into “Restart on Safe” mode (it was still light out) instead of “waiting for x:xx time to start”. And then got tangled in the recent bug (on resuming safe, prompts for camera cooling options - with no default). I didn’t think the Safe Conditions check would happen until the actual sequence start. This was a onetime occurrence so maybe I screwed up something in sequence config.

SGP has been pretty consistent at disconnecting equipment at sequence end/auto-abort. I don’t need it to auto power down equipment at sequence end, which saves me from that complexity.

Not sure this rambling is any help at all … :crazy_face: