How to create an account?

How to create an account?
Hello! I purchased a Sequence Generator Pro licence key 2 or 3 years ago At that time I could not activate the program, I was such lost in webpages of your product, so I have given it up. Now I got a new PC and want to warm this software issue up. Downloaded a trial version, and in the Help/Activate SGPro menu pasted into the box the keys. Igot an error message: ‘There was an error activating SGPro. License Error: Activation API call failed (500)’
In the log file is written: '[10/23/21 19:14:21.815][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Error loading notification settings! Not found filel: „C:\Users\Varga Ferenc\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Sequence Generator Pro\notifications.sgd”.
And an other: ‘[10/23/21 19:17:48.205][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] Error in MakeSecureLicenseServerCall: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.’
I checked the key I put at least 5 times. Tried to paste it, and input via keyboard, both no success.
I guess I did not succeed, because I did not, and can’t create an account, as written, ‘login or create an account’ suggested. On the SGPro website in menu Account management I reach only ‘Login’ menu, but nowhere 'Creata an account" menu.
Please, help, if you can

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OS: windows10

We changed up the registration process a little over a year ago. If you can email us at with your email address you purchased SGP with, I can get you straightened out.


Dear Jared,

At first, thank you so much for your quick respond!

I answered you too immediately, and send letter on 24. October 2021. at 11.59 local time, but it seems I sent it to an inproper e-mail addres, because just clicked, answer to sender … It was a misstake.

So, here is my original answer:

Since the order happened as I remember in January 2018, I just guess from your answer letter (attached) that in my order was written using my e-mail address as:

but because I am not sure, here are my other e-mail addresses I use: and finally, as least probable: I attached a snapshoot of your respond letter on my order, and another snapshoot, which helps to identify, that the payment was completed on 15. January, 2018.

Thank you for your help in advance:

Dr.Varga Ferenc