How to create and use script

Hello everyone , I use GSP with great satisfaction , but I want to go further in automating my sequences .

I would have help to create and use scripts to mount parker etc …

thank you in advance for all !!

If you can provide some more information about what you’re attempting to do and we can help point you in the right direction.


I do not know anything to script , I would start using this technique initially parker for my mount to a custom park,
I use eqmod , I have a HEQ5 .

thereafter may be start the ignition of a panel Flat, closing you rolling roof …


Nobody can help me??

SGP can already do all the things you listed without the need of any external scripts.

For the mount park just set a custom park location in EQMOD. For the Flat Panel it just needs to support the Alnitak protocol. SGP also supports Observatories and can close a roll off roof in coordination with parking the scope first.

You can create scripts or exes and have those set on different events, either pre or post events.

Hope that helps,

thank’s Jared,
I have a custom mount park, but in the end of sequence SGP park my mount in home park no in the custon park.

And i don’t no do this thing!

With my Gemini I can set what “park” means. I can have it go to a custom location. To go counterweight down. Or just stop tracking. I would assume that eqmod would have a similar setting but I’m not familiar with it. Probably a better question for the eqmod group.