How to get SGP to take a picture

I looked at the tool icons at the top of the page but I can not figure out how to get SGP to take a picture so I can see what a new camera is like or to see how my focus is like. Is there a way to take a single picture?


As far as I know, you need to find the right icon along the top to take one or more pictures. The right one will pop up when icon is pressed, and it looks like a box with two buttons…”take one” and “continuous”. Before you do, you need to have your ASCOM platform, camera drivers installed, and configured via the Tools>>Equipment Manager>>Camera>>Settings.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

Clear Skies,


You can use the Frame & Focus feature. The icon on top is a circle with a shutter.
Or you can get to it but selecting View → Docking modules → Frame & Focus


OK, I will give that a try. I just want to take some day time pictures to play around a bit

OK, thanks