How to image the same target on different nights

I enjoy using SGP! It has made my time in the observatory enjoyable and stress free.
I have been using Plate Solve and running the framing and mosaic wizard. No issues there. Last week I began imaging IC1393 and would like to add to my data.
On the second night, how do I go about getting P/S to go back to the same location (coordinates) as my previous session?
I have looked through the manual and cannot find any info on that.
Does anyone have any insight into this.
Greatly appreciated.

If you saved the target sequence (*.sgf file), then you can increase the “Repeat” count or just re-set the target progress (right click target & select Reset Progress)

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Thank you so much!
Will get to work on that next clear night! :grinning:

Yup if you haven’t moved your tripod and have saved your sequence then you can come back to it even weeks later

If you did not save the sequence then you can open an image of your previous session right clic on it an plate solve. When it is done in the small plate solving windows check the box « use these results as the reference image for target ». When running the sequence your mount will go at the exact same position.

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Thanks for the reply! I ran approx 2 hrs. the other evening, then the clouds came in and forced a shut down. I am eager to restart the sequence the next clear night. Who knows when that will be? My scope is pier mounted so I don’t expect any major issues…except for Mr. Murphy who occasionally rears his ugly head.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Welcome to the group!

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Cheers bfred !

Great group. I hope you like using SGP. I live in the northeast US and wish I had the occasion to use it on a weekly basis. Great program, after 2 years I am still learning.

One thing to beware of is changes to the camera orientation between imaging sessions. Your setup is pier mounted so this may not be an issue but if you have done any work on the setup in the meantime then it could be a factor. When you plate solve a frame from the earlier session it will tell you the angle of the camera: set that angle in the target properties in the sequence. Assuming you don’t have an automatic rotator but can manually adjust the orientation of the camera then tell SGP that you have a “manual rotator” (in Control Panel). The centering wizard will then not only centre the target but also prompt you to rotate the camera to the correct angle.

Thank you for the useful info. I tried using an Optec rotator this springtime, but did not have enough in-focus travel to make it work. I have resorted to using two pieces of masking tape, one on the focus tube where the camera meets the focus tube, and the other on the base of the camera. A thin line from a lead pencil from tape to tape ensures that the camera will be very close to its original position when I set it up next time. I will definitely use the “manual rotator” method you suggested. At some point in the future I plan on replacing my Moonlight DRO with a Moonlight Night Crawler.
Thank you!