How to install ASTAP?

Lately I have been experiencing several failures with PlateSolve2, especially with the centering. I’m trying to install ASTAP, but can’t get it to work properly, and I’m wondering if there’s a guide for dummies on how to install, configure and use ASTAP?.

Thank you,

first things first, have you got ASTAP working as a stand-alone program… can you get it to plate-solve and image?

Thanks, I think I figured it out.

For some reason the ASTAP program was installed in a different location than SGP was looking for. Moving it to the right location seems to work well.

Default install path is c:\Program Files\astap. You could move/install it anywhere as long the executable and the .290 star database files are in the same folder.


Yes. But for a reason I don’t know ASTAP was installed in the download folder, so SGP couldn’t find it.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. I didn’t initially notice that the star data base is a program and needs to be installed, not just placed in the folder astap. Once I did that it worked great, and is super fast solving previously taken images. Will try it in real time as soon as the clouds depart.