How to prevent End of Sequence if guidder is loosing star for a few minutes?


if I run a sequence and a cloud is running for a few minutes through the field of view, then PHD2 starts to blink and gives a sound (sometimes the guide star is lost ) , this will initiate the “End of Sequence” procedure.

Is there a way to prevent SGP to initiate the “End of Sequence” procedure or at least set a kind of delay from doing this ?

Since I use a CloudWtacher , security isn’t the problem.

If I’m understanding your question correctly, I believe Recovery will do what you want. It’s there specifically to attempt to recover a sequence if something goes wrong temporarily with guiding.

It will wait a specified period of time, then try to start guiding and imaging again. if it fails, it will repeat this process…wait and try again…at intervals and for a length of time you specify.

Tools -> Options > Sequence Options Tab is where you can configure it. You can enable/disable it there as well.

Searching “Sequence Recovery” in the help file has more complete info. :slight_smile:

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Thanks , exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

The main problem with Recovery is that the current exposure will have aborted. It would be much better if there was an option to ignore the star lost from PHD2 in order to complete the exposure.

I am of course referring to the situation where I am near the end of a 30 min exposure, a cloud is about to obscure the target, but I have covered over the end of the scope hoping to save the sub. This happens far too often and is very annoying.