How to purchase sgp

HI, I am still in my trial period, I have 5 days to go, at the end of my trial, when I open sgp will it give me the option to buy, and when I do , will anything be changed with my profile or settings? Thank you shawn.

No, all your profiles and settings will remain unchanged. Only difference is that the count down will stop. You can also purchase at any time from our store:

If you’re already planning on doing so, why not just do it now so you don’t have to worry about your trial lapsing and being left with the trial?


Thanks Jared, I just purchased sgp, and I must say I love it!,excellent piece of software. I have been talking to Joel, about a problem I have been having with plate solve 2, it just won’t work, and I have the as and uc3 directories installer correctly, when I bring up the plate solve 2 settings dialogue and go to configure directories it comes up as status OK for both, but it still don’t work, Joel suggested uninstalling sgp and then reinstall it, I did that, as well as the ps2 directories, and still nothing, I’m at a loss for why it don’t work, buthe I am using solver, as a local install, and it works fine, so I will just use it, thanks again shawn