How to remove extra images in tabs on top rows of SGP

When I load a previously saved profile, I get a large number of unrelated (previously used) images for other DSO’s. I manually delete them using the ‘x’ on the top right of that bar, save the profile, but when I re-open, they all come back again. How do I remove them?

Go to Sequence/Manage Sequence Files.

I did that and removed all but the image I am shooting. I had to manually remove all the images on the top row of the application, save the sequence, and re-open the sequence for it to take effect.

When I closed the sequence and re-opened it, it loaded a second copy of the image. When I did that again, I ended up with three copies of the image - can I get that to stop?

Apologies, but I am not really understanding the issue.

What image are referring to?

Let me see if I can explain this back to make sure we are saying the same thing:

  • You had a bunch of sequence images saved to the sequence and wanted to remove most of them
  • You went to open the Sequence File Manager and removed the ones you didn’t want (we can add code to actively close the image when it is removed from the sequence, but it’s not super important for this…)
  • You removed all images except for, what I assume is a Mosaic and Framing Wizard (MFW) canvas you created.
  • You saved the sequence and re-opened it.
  • When you re-opened it that MFW image was still present (as expected), but there was 2 of them and then 3, etc?

Does that sound like what you are saying? If so, you can reproduce this issue every time just by opening the sequence? If that’s true, can you detail exactly what actions you are taking (like opening via recent sequence or opening by drag and drop, etc…)? I am just not able to reproduce this so I think I am not understanding something.

Hey Ken,
I think what is happening is that when the sequence opens the image associated with the sequence is brought in with the sequence which is what is suppose to happen. However, if you simply close the sequence and reopen the same sequence that same image is brought in again but the first image was left behind and not closed when the sequence was closed. So now you have 2 of the same image. Each time you close and reopen the sequence the image(s) associated with the sequence is brought in but never removed when the sequence is closed . From what I’ve read, I think this is what @lrlinnell is describing. Currently the only way is to manually close the image or close and reopen SPG.


Ok, thx. I’ll take a look at that. I thought I had added code to close all sequence images when a new sequence is opened or created.