How to resize main window from RDP machine?

I RDP to my observatory interface machine on which I run SGP. If my connection is interrupted I am not able to adjust the SGP main window any longer until I shut down SGP and restart it. That has a serious affect on my imaging as I have to stop the current sequence. My metric windows are lost until I restart.

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Useful Info

OS: Win11 Pro
Ver: SGPro v4.4.0.1339

I use RDP to connect to all my servers & SGP workstation etc.(all headless) and never have this problem…

When the client reconnects, which usually happens automatically, or is it starting a ‘new’ connection, which means that the ‘old’ connection still has control of the application, rendering some functions inoperable.

The ‘old’ connection is still running. I do not try to run a new instance. All other telescope interface software (Phd2, CPWI…) performs without problem. SGP main program window is locked and cannot be modified (moved yes, modified no). I always check for multiple instances, but have not found any, The only way to regain program control (over RDP) is to shut down the running instance and restart. This can be a problem in and of itself.


It could be something that changed in the display settings on the machine that you are sitting in front of.

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