How to rotate through events while minimizing AF runs

I just started in mono and was wondering what was the best way to achieve the following:
I want to take a variable proportion of each filter throughout the night.
I do not want to rely on filter offsets so I need an AF run on filter change.
Ideally I’d do something like
15 SIi
9 Oiii
6 Ha
And repeat that throughout the night. That means about 3 AFs per 90mn which is ok.

I cant seem to figure out a way to do that in SGPro besides duplicating events and ending up with a 30 events target.

How do you guys do that kind of things?

Thanks for any help.

You are likely going to have difficulty with auto focus and narrow band filters. I would highly recommend using lum filters to auto focus for all of your NB filters and applying the required offset. It will be more accurate than the sometimes janky data SGPro tries to interpret from highly restrictive filters. In addition, a lum filter can achieve highly accurate focus in a much smaller window of time. This will also give you much more freedom in scheduling.

That said, we just give advice and we don’t attempt to change your workflow… What you are asking for is not currently supported. It is something we have considered in the past (we called it Sequence Fragments), but it never seemed to have a lot of community support (relative to other things). There are sequencer changes coming soon, but Sequence Fragments was not one of the things currently planned.

I would recommend adding it here: SGPro 4.4 Backlog - Our Thoughts and Request for Community Input - Sequence Generator - Main Sequence Software (

Hi Ken,
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I have found that filtre offsets are completely unreliable when temperature is changing steadily, hence my preference for filter autofocus. I can’t say I have a lot of experience with those but my three nights gave me excellent autofocus with the NB filters, while my first try with offsets were completely wanky.

I will try to do a better job at evaluating filter offsets at some point though. I will chip in on the Backlog topic about this.

Thank you and have a great day.