How to sync SGP by visually centering 3 stars in telescope eyepiece without plate solving?

I would like to sync my mount manually by slewing my telescope to 3 stars in succession and pressing a “sync” button in SGP each time I’ve centered a star in the telescope’s eyepiece. I’m not interested in plate solving, I just want to sync the telescope so that when I slew to a target’s RA and DEC coordinates the target is almost perfectly centered in my image. Is there such a “sync” button in SGP?


To do that in SGP you’d need to enter the RA and Dec very precisely where you want to sync (what a plate solver does). I would think this would be very difficult and tedious from an end user perspective.

I would recommend you either go the plate solve route or do the 3 star alignment with your mount hardware. Even with the hand controller you can manually center the star and sync using the hand controller. Unfortunately the 3 star alignment is done entirely in the hand controller and SGP doesn’t know it’s going on and has no way of knowing where the mount is trying to go.


I think what you’re really asking about is building a mount model. That’s
not really something SGP is designed to do and I don’t think that there is
a sync option like what you are asking. I might suggest centering the star
in SGP and then using the mount’s controller to sync on that star.

However, plate solve and sync does what you want to do, I think. It may
depend on your mount. Just sayin’.

Thanks Jared and Joel, I just watched your video on plate solving and the process looks easier than I had thought so I’ll use that method instead.

All the best!