HRF always 0 during manual focus

This is most hopefully some user error on my side so any help from the more experienced users would be appreciated. I am using a manual focuser (no autofocus motor). When I run image history with the focus routine, whether in liveview or jpeg mode, HFR always stays 0. I tried opening image history before, during or after i start the focus snapshots. What do I need to get SGP Pro to register HFR values for my preview during focusing? SGO Pro appears to provide HFR values for the regular images I take just fine… Its something with the image history process, but I didnt see any special settings for it. I am using at the moment.

Are you using the “frame and focus” loop to capture these images?

Appreciate the fast reply ken! Yes I am. I tried it with jpeg snapshots or liveview with the same result. It used to work for me just fine… I start frame and focus, launch image history with the frame and focus loop selected in the drop down and as soon as the stars were relatively in focus I would see the HRF values register in the top left of my framed stars. Now it just stays 0. In case its relevant, I have neither the crosshairs nor the save to disk options enabled. Usually I prefer to use jpeg at max ISO and 3 second refresh rates.

any help on this? I am unable to use the HFR function for manual focus with SGP Pro at the moment while using frame and focus.

Bumping this thread again in hopes of getting some help. I am still unable to use SGP Pro to focus using HFR as a metric. It is always zero. When I try to enable the calculation during frame and focus, I get a message saying the image is not 16bit and HFR cannot be calculated. When I enable HFR calculation on a normal FITs file taken by SGP pro it seems to calculate them just fine. The issue is limited to the images used by the frame and focus loop

Help me please. Thank you.

Have you enabled image history? The feature you are referring to will not work unless it is enabled.

Thank you for the reply Ken… Yes I do start image history. I run image history during my imaging session to keep an eye out on focus and general seeing conditions and like I mentioned above, it works well when previewing my normal images. My problem is using it during frame and focus… It does nothing. It can see the frame and focus loop running but no HFR is reported. When I go to click on the star icon to enable HFR calculation while the frame and focus loop is running, I get the error “Calculate HFR is only available for 16bit grayscale images”

I think I figured it out … image history does not work when frame and focus is running in jpeg preview mode. I need to disable both liveview and jpeg preview and I start to see HFR values pop up.