I don't see where to input my keys

I purchased SGP and framing and mosaic {plugin} 4 or 5 days ago and I don’t understand where to put my key for the plugin , I keep getting a box telling me that it’s not licensed on this machine . HELP !

In SGP click on the “Help” menu and look for the “Register this machine” option near the bottom of the options. You need an internet connection when you do this.

Both keys go in the website. You is your email and password to license your machine. You can try removing your machine from the website and re-adding it to see if that gets the Framing and Mosaic Wizard on there.


Jared , I reset my password but, when I got to the redeem page it wouldn’t take either of key. I’m lost as lost can be it still says trial at the top of my screen . In your post , Do you mean to uninstall SGPRO and reinstall and maybe it’ll accept framing and mosaic?

The license gets redeemed on our webpage:

If you’re receiving an error while attempting to redeem the license please email support@mainsequencesoftware.com and send the license keys along and we can take a look.

Once you have the licenses added to your account you then register each SGP machine by going to “Help>>Register this Machine” in SGP and entering your email and password (NOT the license key which is no longer needed after adding the license to your account)

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