I need assistance with the Sequence Generator Pro plate solving failure

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

I would appreciate some assistance as I’m having trouble with plate solution in Sequence Generators Pro (SGP). Although it has been using SGP effectively for some time, I’ve recently noticed that throughout my imaging sessions, I consistently have plate solution failures.

This is an overview of the issue:

  • Software Version: SGP version X.XX is what I’m using right now.
  • Plate Solver: My plate solution engine of choice is set up with PlateSolve2.
  • Problem: SGP constantly fails to solve the image after a slew throughout my imaging runs, displaying an error message that reads “Plate fix failed” or “No solutions found.”

Actions I’ve Done:

  • Make sure the SGP’s telescope and camera’s settings were accurate.
  • Confirmed that the area of view (FOV) and picture scale I entered are accurate.
  • Verified that the agenda solving configurations match suggested parameters.

Extra Details:

  • Both of the [telescope model] and [camera model] I’m using are functional in other software programmes.
  • I have made sure that all of the drivers and software are up to current.
  • PlateSolve2 initialises correctly, but fails throughout the solve procedure, depending to the logs.

Help Request:

Has anyone else have similar issues with SGP’s plate solution function? :thinking:

Do you think I might have overlooked any particular settings or troubleshooting steps? :thinking:

Any suggestions for enhancing SGP’s plate solving performance? :thinking:

I also checked this :point_right: https://forum.sequencegeneratorpro.com/t/cant-start-blue-prism-sequence-plate-solver-required/16887

I would be grateful for any help or advice you could provide me to help with this problem. I appreciate :pray: your assistance in advance!

Hi there, welcome.

Can you tell me what you mean by

Was that a placeholder you intended to update before posting maybe?

It is very difficult to diagnose Plate Solve issues without logs showing the failure. If you’d like to reproduce the issue and send logs or use previous logs (SGPro keeps logs for 30 days) and send them, we can be much more helpful.

Additional guidance on sharing logs is here:

SGPro - Help

Are you in a regional that uses the , character as the decimal separator? PlateSolve2 is known to have issues with that.

In terms of general advice, if you’re using a recent enough version of SGPro, we recommend updating to use PlateSolve3 (also free courtesy of PlaneWave instruments).

A guide for that is here:


Problems I had wit PlateSolve2 which had nothing to do with PlateSolve2:
Somehow SGP wasn’t “pointed” to the correct folder for the Platesolve2.
A couple of times the location of the two databases PS2 uses got “lost”, and I had to remap them.

I’m sure there was operator error involved in both of my cases of difficulty, but it happened. I see you stated your telescope model, camera model and settings are accurately entered. Did you calculate and enter your image scale (arc-seconds per pixel) correctly? Another thing is focus: if you’re too far out of focus PS2 has troubles.