I Would pay good money for

A live stacking module. No doubt would i pay you guys for something similar to live stacking in Sharpcap. All in one software where i can enjoy watching or sit back and lt it do its thing. Make a pay for module add on. I would pay an additional fifty buck for it!

Thanks for listening


DeepSkyStacker live? DeepSkyStacker - User's Manual

AstroToaster? http://www.astrotoaster.com/

In both cases they will stack images that are dropped into a folder and both are free,

I would rather have it all in one. I am running enough programs separately. Nothing against the others but i enjoy the quality of programing that goes into SG pro.

We keep high quality as we focus on one thing, image capture automation. Live stacking certainly gets in to processing and isn’t something we’d be interested in adding at this time.

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