IC1396 - Elephant's Trunk Nebula in Narrowband Hubble Palette

Hi All

Here’s my latest image acquired with SGPro

IC1396 - Elephant’s Trunk Nebula in Hubble Palette Narrowband

Image consists of

15x 600S - 7nm HA
15x 600s - 7nm OIII
15x 600s - 7nm SII

HA Layer was also used as Luminance and Overlay layer

All data was obtained over 5 nights, 7th and 8th September 18th September, 22nd September and 23rd September 2016

Equipment Used:
Imaging Scope: Sky-Watcher Quattro 8-CF 8" F4 Newtonian
Guide Scope: Celestron Telescopes C80ED
Imaging Camera: Atik Cameras 383L+ Mono CCD Cooled to -20C
Guide Camera: Qhyccd 5L-II
Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ8 Pro
Capture Software: Main Sequence Software Sequence Generator Pro
Guide Software: PHD2
Dark/Flat Subtraction and Stacking: Maxim-DL
Post Processing: Photoshop

IC1396 - Elephants Trunk Nebula 15x600S Narrowband Hubble Palette by Simon Todd, on Flickr


Looks good!

Great job Simon.

Very nice!!! :+1:


Thanks Guys, my personal opinion is that this is my best image to date

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Beautifully done colors with good processing Simon…Gunny

Excellent image Simon! It will be hard to match that.

That’s amazing, and for such a short total integration time too. Are your skies dark?

I’m acquiring this one right now and have resolved to take 40 x 1200s with an f/5.6 refractor (same sensor)

@buzz Remember I am using an F4, my 10 Min exposures would be the equivalent to 19.64 Minutes on an F5.6, my skies are relatively dark, the local authority switch off the majority of street lights at midnight, but even then my skies are pretty dark, I can always see the milky way with the naked eye

Very nice image and nicely processed. I do see a bit of coma from the optics but no good fix for that outside of different optics.

An MPCC would probably fix up the coma, but it looks really minimal to me for an F4 system. Great result!


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I have the Aplanatic Coma Corrector on there, but I am not convinced the spacing is correct, but I can live with that for now