IC342. 27 Hours exposure


I still have problems of guiding after reversing the meridian, but with SGP I managed to do 27 hours exposure from my remote observatory (with eq6, rc gso 8 'reduced to f5.6 and qsi583wsg) and this is the result. I’m glad I can manage very easily the observatory with this software. In link different versions to bring out the faint nebulosity of the field and the high image size:

enter link description here


Amazing image - well done.

Wow…well done.


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Thank you !really for me is like a dream to manage everything from 200 km distance in very simple way…

I love the depth of color in this image. You did a great job managing the star field while pulling out all of the dust in the galaxy.

Thank you Ken for watching and for SGP !

Hello Ken!
it is incredible…but this picture has been an APOD!Thank you for yours fantastic software. I can barely even buy the mosaic. For now, I have downloaded the trial version!Cheers,Fabiomassimo Castelluzzo

Congratulations Fabio!

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Thank you !

For who using mosaic,what is the best % overlap parameters? Thank you!

What a great image! I have a few images of this target on my way to enough to process. Hope I can come even close to what you have here. Well done.

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