Idea for weather data

So I know this is pretty pie-in-the-sky, but instead of temperamental temperhum devices or having to create an interface for every weather station out there, how about this…

NOAA/NWS have a pretty straightforward API for requesting weather data. It’s SOAP complaint and free. Since SGP has the ability to store our lat/long position, why not create an interface that sends the lat/long to NWS and receives current weather data instantly? Seems like it would be relatively simple to implement. Might not be as accurate as a local sensor, but better than nothing.


This could be a pretty cool idea. For now, I’ll plan this in 2.5.

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Bear in mind this is only available for the US.

That’s a valid point, so here is a list of 26 weather data providers with APIs that can be used…

That’s 26 different APIs.

JSON and XML aren’t API definitions, they are a way to specify an API.


Yes, it’s 26 different APIs. Doesn’t mean you need to use 26 APIs, you chose one among them and you use that one. Several of them have global weather available, so you choose the one that smells the best and use it. I’m not even going to attempt to tell Jared and Ken how or what to implement, I just had an idea.

As for JSON and XML: that’s awesome. Thanks for clarifying that.