If QSI camera is not connected, SGP crashes


This is not a serious issue but I think it needs some attention. If I forget to connect USB cable to QSI camera and click on “Connect” to connect to QSI camera, SGP always crashes. Once QSI camera is connected, then no problems.

I don’t have this issue for other devices not connected because SGP pops up a window saying “Error connecting to XXXXX”.

It’s a little annoying when SGP crashes and I have to restart SGP again.

I am using SGP version


I can confirm this happens with Trying to connect to a variety of devices other than the QSI camera gives an error saying the the connection attempt failed. Trying to do so with the QSI camera crashes SGP. I don’t have a QSI camera and never have. Not sure why I even have the driver installed. The DriverAccess log doesn’t seem to exist.

And if I use the ASCOM Conform, or the ASCOM profile explorer I don’t see a QSI camera at all on my system.

I don’t see why SGP is even reporting that there is a QSI camera for me but even it if has some historical data it should fail gracefiully, not crash.


Not sure how to reproduce this issue. When I follow the steps you outline, I get:

Hi Ken,

Interesting. According to Windows “Program and Features”, my QSI software version number is 7.4.1824. Are you using this version?


OK. The crash happened in my Windows 10 desktop computer that I use for everything, not just for astro-photography.

I tested again with my astro laptop which I always use SGP for automation and uses Windows 10 64 bit and it did NOT crash and I got the same pop up window just like Ken’s screenshot. So I don’t know what’s going on.

I tested again with Desktop computer and crash again so I click on the Debug button and got the following message:

“An unhandled Microsoft .NET Framework exception occurred in SequenceGenerator.exe [3176].”

I have Visual Studio 2010 and I opened it and got the following message:

“Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {F70542D4-CF0B-4F02-BF49-31E8A49665C7} failed due to the following error: 8007007e The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E).”

I think it means that I don’t have the proper source files to debug (FileNotFoundException was unhandled).

Is it possible that my Desktop computer may need the proper version .NET framework?


What puzzled me was that I get the QSI camera as an option in SGP when applications that use the ASCOM chooser don’t and it isn’t registered as an ASCOM driver. I could have installed the ASCOM driver in the past to test something, then uninstalled it.

Or is this another camera that you support independently?
I’ve tried again with and getting the properties gives me an error:


Error getting properties dialog. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {F70542D4-CF0B-4F02-BF49-31E8A49665C7} failed due to the following error: 80040154 Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG)).


And trying to connect crashes SGP.

I see a QSI interop dll in the SG folder but no QSI driver files.
My guess is that this bug is because I don’t have any QSI driver installed and your interop is failing because of this.

OK, I did further testing and discovered something.

I connected my QSI camera to my Desktop computer, started SGP, clicked on “Connect” icon and SGP quickly and perfectly connected to QSI camera.

I disconnected USB cable between QSI camera and computer and repeated the above test. Guess what? It did NOT crash and popped up an error message window like it’s supposed to do.

I rebooted the computer and repeated the test once more with QSI camera still disconnected and once again it did not crash.

I don’t think I ever connected my QSI camera to the Desktop computer before. I use my laptop for controlling my telescope equipment. It seems like the QSI camera needs to be connected to SGP for the first time and from then on everything is fine whether QSI camera is connected or not.


@Chris The option is there for QSI “always” (regardless of driver install). This is the case for all cameras that we support natively (meaning non-ASCOM).

@topboxman I am not sure how to reproduce. I suspect I can get it to crash if I uninstall the QSI drivers (a condition like Chris has), but this will not mimic your issue because you do actually have the QSI drivers installed. Fixing the crash in that case should be trivial… maybe it will still fix your issue?


I would not worry about it. It could have been cause by many past Windows Updates that may have screwed up my computer. The strange fix was to simply connect my QSI camera to the computer and from then on it’s fine.