Image Display Window - Debayered view option

Hello all,
I’d like to request a mode for the Image Display Window which will offer users the option to display their captured images debayered. Personally I would not put this in the category of ‘image processing’ but more a visualisation tool for OSC imagers to more accurately assess their captured images for colour etc. Other capture software I have used in the past debayer their view windows and SGP is far superior than all of them so should offer this feature too.

Many Thanks

Thanks for your request. We will probably not implement any type of debayering functionality. It is not necessary for proper image capture and has a cost associated with it (as does any feature) far beyond the initial implementation (in terms of supporting it… how come RGGB doesn’t work for me?, etc…)

In terms of capturing data in an automated fashion, there there are several critical components… namely:

  • Proper focus (throughout the imaging session)
  • Proper framing (both location and camera rotation)
  • Ability to take images that can be plate solved

None of these require color in order to execute. You indicate that it would provide you the ability to assess color, but we don’t really see this as necessary. Your assessment of color during capture does not provide any meaningful feedback (in other words, there is nothing you can do to change or improve it… it is what it is and you will adjust it during post-processing).

With the multitude of other features we have on the backlog, this is probably not something we are interested in doing.


Ok, I get the point !

That’s fine Ken, im sure ill get used to it and of course over time I will realise you are right in
the points you make.

You guy’s have done a great job for sure…Thanks



Sometimes I am more direct than I mean to be (alright… a lot of the time)… my apologies. This request comes up every few months and I figure folks requesting it would rather know why we have chosen not to implement debayering than be ignored.